Report: 2020 Antifa/BLM-Led Riots Injured More Police Officers, Caused More Damage, and Resulted in More Arrests Than The Capitol Riot "The summer 2020 riots resulted in some 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many arrests, and estimated damages in dollar terms up to 1,300 times more costly than those of the Capitol riot," RealClearInvestigations noted in their analysis. The surveys suggest that at the minimum, seven million people participated in demonstrations over the last several week (protests in Los Angeles). [315], Several documentaries and news specials were broadcast to coincide with first anniversary of Floyd's murder. found dead from a gunshot wound on June 1 in Davenport following a night of protests, arrested and charged with first-degree murder, said "He was a good man, everybody in the community loved him. Clashes are common. The victims include a 77-year-old man who was a retired St. Louis police captain and a 22-year-old woman from Davenport, Iowa. BLACK Lives Matter protests and "riots" after the death of George Floyd did as much as $2billion worth of damage. There are about 42 million Black Americans in the the U.S. For every 1 million, 31 are killed by the police. Black Lives Matter (BLM), international social movement, formed in the United States in 2013, dedicated to fighting racism and anti-Black violence, especially in the form of police brutality. [488][489], The protests occurred during the global COVID-19 pandemic, leading officials and experts to express concerns that the demonstrations could lead to further spread of SARS-CoV-2. [389] Estimates of property damages from fires and looting in the MinneapolisSaint Paul area were $550million to 1,500 property locations. The BLM riots and movement are killing people. Digital IDs were given to residents in East Palestine, Ohio, to track long term health problems like difficulty breathing before the Feb. 3 train derailment. [467] This was later removed by the BBC. His family loved him., unclear if the death was related to protests. Barry Perkins III:Perkins, a 29-year-old Black man, waskilled on May 30 after reportedly being dragged for several blocks by a FedEx truck in St. Louis. [248] Months after Derek Chauvin's sentencing, another police officer involved in the case, Thomas Lane was sentenced to 3 years in prison on September 21, 2022. Scant evidence of antifa shows how sweeping the protests for racial justice have become, AP tally: Arrests at widespread US protests hit 10,000, How George Floyd protests evolved in 5 major cities, This summers Black Lives Matter protesters were overwhelmingly peaceful, our research finds. Official govt docs expose Michelle Obamas 14 year history as a man., "Woody Harrelsons 60 seconds in the middle of his monologue was cut out of the edits released after the show., BREAKING Trump preps Marines to stop presidential coup.. Over 2,000 police officers sustained injuries in the line of duty during the first weeks of demonstrations that began May 26 over the death of George Floyd while in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department one day prior. The alleged shooter, Steven Nelson Lopez, was homeless and had a history of severe mental illness, and had reportedly been asked to leave the park earlier because of his behavior. 20006, Florida James Scurlock, a Black Lives Matter protester with an infant daughter, was shot to death in Omaha in May after a confrontation with a white bar owner outside the mans bar. Citizen, a community safety app, also experienced a high spike in downloads. [256] Amnesty International issued a press release on May 31, 2021, calling for the police to end excessive militarized responses to the protests. [323] Others used personal Twitter pages to post video documentation of the protests to highlight police and protesters actions, as well as points of the protests they felt would not be reported. What Happens Now? [345] At a press conference later the same day, Carter explained that he had "shared arrest data received in [his] morning police briefing which [he] later learned to be inaccurate". Louisville, Kentucky - When mass protests erupted in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 28, one of Chanelle Helm's biggest worries was for the young people who took to the streets . ", "New government-funded 'food pyramid' says Lucky Charms are healthier than steak. A bystander replies saying Floyd "ain't fine". [312][313] In August 2020, the occupied protests at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis was the subject of a multi-part PBS News Hour series, "George Floyd Square: The epicenter of a protest movement that's swept the world"[314] and in December 2020, it was the subject of a monthlong series by Minnesota Public Radio, "Making George Floyd's Square: Meet the people transforming 38th and Chicago". Trump has portrayed people arrested in the protests as dangerous, left-wing radicals. [477][478][479][480], In light of the protests, Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Terry Crews said that the first four episodes of the show's eighth season had to be rewritten. It was the second-largest city in the state, and one of the most prosperous. [455], Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council a veto-proof majority pledged on June 7 to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, despite opposition from Mayor Jacob Frey. [461], In the media industry, the protests have spurred scrutiny for cop shows and led to the cancellation of popular television shows referred to by critics as copaganda. Blake survived but is paralyzed from the waist down. Says he has been to Afghanistan, Iraq and those areas twice as president. It wasn't antifa", "George Floyd protests hammer cities as they reopen from coronavirus lockdowns", "Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests is denounced", "Nearly all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful despite Trump narrative, report finds", "93% of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Been Peaceful, New Report Finds", "Court records, FBI contradict Trump's claims of organized 'antifa-led' riots in Minneapolis after George Floyd's death", "Police point finger at gangs and local groups for riot damages, contradicting Trump's claims", "Mapping Paramilitary and Far-Right Threats to Racial Justice", "Men wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying guns add a volatile new element to protests", "Facebook bans 'violent' Boogaloo-linked network", "What We Know About the Austin BLM Protest Shooting", "Austin police investigating shooting death of protester", "For Austin officials investigating Garrett Foster's death, a key question may be which party acted in self-defense", "Twin Cities man sentenced for arson from riots", "Minnesota man is second Boogaloo member to plead to federal terror charges", "2 'Boogaloo Bois,' 1 from Minnesota, newly charged with providing material support to Hamas", "2 'Boogaloo Bois' charged with conspiring with terrorist organization", "Suspected Boogaloo Bois member arrested and charged with rioting", "Even If It's 'Bonkers,' Poll Finds Many Believe QAnon And Other Conspiracy Theories", "George Floyd Programming: Specials Mark One-Year Anniversary Of His Death", "Pen Pals announces 25th season of prominent authors; TPT 2 to broadcast 'Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd', "George Floyd Square Under-Told Stories Project", "Star Tribune wins Pulitzer for George Floyd reporting; Darnella Frazier also cited", "One week that shook the world: George Floyd's death ignited protests far beyond Minneapolis", "A year after George Floyd protest movement, Black Coloradans discuss inflection point", "George Floyd protests: Video footage goes viral on social media", "People are posting Minneapolis protest footage to TikTok and 'This Is America' has become their anthem", "Social media captures Boston peaceful protests that turned to riots sparked by George Floyd's death", "Viral photo shows line of white people between police, black protesters at Thursday rally", "The birth of the #WalkWithUs movement: Local leaders join George Floyd protesters across US in a show of solidarity", "Stop Sharing Viral Photos Of Cops Kneeling With Protesters", "Copaganda: Most major media is still much too eager to embrace police-friendly framing", "How to help in the George Floyd protests and beyond", "Let's Talk About That 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Scene That's Going Around", "K-pop fans join forces to drown out opposition to No. Published: 16:59 EST, 3 July 2020 | Updated: 00:52 EST, 8 July 2020. "[351], On the night of May 31, exterior lights on the north side of the White House went dark as usual at 11:00 pm,[352] while protesters were demonstrating outside. The Associated Press reportedhundreds were charged with burglary and looting as of June 4, 2020. Video shows President Joe Biden recalling an alien encounter. It wasnt antifa. He was a retired officer providing security for the store. [490] The demonstrations thus sparked debate among commentators, political leaders, and health experts over coronavirus restrictions on gatherings. [453] The order also created a national database of police officers with a history of using excessive force. That event was highly organized in contrast with BLM demonstrations, which have been much more organic. FEMAIL reveals the 10 breeds you need to know about, 'We're hoping for the best': Saving Private Ryan star Tom Sizemore's manager gives grim update after actor, 61, with drug abuse history remains in critical condition after suffering brain aneurysm at 2am, Body found during search for missing UK mother Nicola Bulley - nearly a mile from where she was last seen three weeks ago, Bernie Sanders calls to 'fight ageism' after 2024 Republican candidate Nikki Haley demands mandatory mental competency test for all politicians over 75, 'Rest easy Mr. President. The man who shot and killed Foster, the US army sergeant Daniel Perry, had previously tweeted Now is the time to take up arms and protect yourselves against violence and responded to a Trump tweet in June about protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters by saying, Send them to Texas we will show them why we say dont mess with Texas.. [83] Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter;[84] the former charge was later changed to second-degree murder. [117][119] In March and April 2021, groups of protesters gathered at George Floyd Square and outside Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis during Chauvin's trial,[120] but the streets of Minneapolis were largely empty of mass demonstrations like those in late May and early June 2020. News reports at the height of demonstrations over Floyds killing cited dozens of deaths in connection with protests, but many of those turned out to be examples of deadly crimes carried out in the vicinity of protests, rather than directly related to the demonstrations themselves, the researchers concluded. Protests had continued for over a year after Floyd's murder. [316], The Minneapolis-based Star Tribune newspaper received the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for the breaking news it reported of Floyd's murder and the resulting aftermath. [282][283][284] According to a Justice Department spokesperson, Barr came to this conclusion after being provided with information from state and local law enforcement agencies. [289] A number of small businesses, already suffering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, were harmed by vandalism, property destruction, and looting. What . His lawyer has argued the teenager, who came to Kenosha from Illinois, was also acting in self-defense. Many protests during the civil rights movement were in response to the perception of police brutality, . [96], Protests were held at several locations throughout the MinneapolisSaint Paul metropolitan area in subsequent days. The victims include a 77-year-old man who was a retired St. Louis police captain and a 22-year-old woman from Davenport, Iowa. Everybody cared for him. As the New York Times reported July 3, four recent polls "suggest that about 15 million to 26 million people in the United States have participated in demonstrations over the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks. Civil rights marches in the 1960s were not nearly as big, the professor added. State and local officials also made plans to deploy thousands of police officers and National Guard soldiers. ", "House Approves Police Reform Bill, But Issue Stalled Amid Partisan Standoff", "Live Updates: Biden Meets With George Floyd's Family as America Marks His Death", "Protests surged nationwide on July 4 in a collective call for a better America", "National 'Strike for Black Lives' to fight racism, low wages", "March on Washington: George Floyd family urge protesters to 'be his legacy', "Labor Day weekend saw protests across the country as summer nears its end", "Protesters March In Wynwood, Commemorating 100 Days Since George Floyd's Death", "Protesters stage sit-in at Portland's Revolution Hall to mark George Floyd's 47th birthday", "Mourners Across The U.S. From the coronavirus counters and the 2020 U.S. Census to the number of protests that were ignited around the globe and even to the ways ballots were counted, the year 2020 was about being counted in more ways than one. The owner of the shop has been arrested and police are investigating whether the incident was related to protests since the shop was damaged that night. In a world of wild talk and fake news, help us stand up for the facts. In Louisville, the photographer Tyler Gerth was shot and killed at a downtown park where protesters gathered. [350] President Trump called the reports "fake" and said "they didn't use tear gas. At least 1,360 counties in the United States - roughly 40 per cent - have had some form of Black Lives Matter protests. [448], In June 2020, Democrats in Congress introduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, a police reform and accountability bill that contains measures to combat police misconduct, excessive force, and racial bias in policing. This piece was originally published on on August 7, 2020, Facebook posts: Black Lives Matter "injures 1000 police officers kills 36 people and does $8 billion in damage.". Following Floyd's murder, a 15-year-old started a petition titled "Justice for George Floyd", demanding that all four police officers involved be charged. In 2015, the Washington Post started to log every fatal shooting by on-duty police officersin the U.S. Users attempting to look up the hashtags #WhiteLivesMatter, #WhiteoutWednesday and #BlueLivesMatter were met with messages and video clips of dancing idols. [197][165] A rally in Portland, Oregon, was peaceful in the afternoon, but at night, 150 demonstrators set fire to a dumpster outside the Multnomah County Justice Center and damaged other property. [157][158], On June 19, Juneteenth, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) shut down ports on the West Coast in solidarity with protesters. [406][407] BLM activist Shaun King tweeted that statues, murals, and stained glass windows depicting a white Jesus should be removed. PolitiFact Texas is a partnership of the Austin American-Statesman, Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News to help you find the truth in Texas politics. [174], By December, the protest movement was still "deeply rooted" at George Floyd Square, an occupied protest of the East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue intersection in Minneapolis where Floyd was killed. Warns Officers: Wear Your Masks", "200 HPD officers under COVID-19 quarantine, chief not among them", "The History Behind 'When The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts', "Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War", "Unrest in Minneapolis echoes summer of 1967", "George Floyd Protesters in Multiple Cities Target Confederate Monuments", "The people creating art to remember George Floyd", "The Mimetic Power of D.C.'s Black Lives Matter Mural", "The massive scope of change following George Floyd's death", "Black Lives Matter beyond America's big cities", "Relationship of George Floyd protests to increases in COVID-19 cases using event study methodology", "Injuries from Less-Lethal Weapons during the George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis", Demonstrations & Political Violence In America: New Data For Summer 2020, Running list of hoaxes and misleading posts,, Police and National Guard at a protest in, Bystanders and firefighters at a torched street in Minneapolis, Police and National Guard in front of the, Plans to disband the Minneapolis Police Department announced; provision for a city charter amendment passed by the, Referendum on city charter amendment revision originally announced for, $550 million in MinneapolisSaint Paul (May 26June 6, 2020), $12 billion in insured damages in the United States (May 26June 8, 2020), Protesters and counter-protesters faceoff in, This page was last edited on 26 February 2023, at 13:37. [94][98] After state officials mobilized Minnesota National Guard troops in its largest deployment since World War II,[99][100] the violent unrest subsided and mostly peaceful protests resumed. Thug. "[354] A 2015 stock photograph of the White House, edited to show the lights turned off, was shared tens of thousands of times online,[355] including by Hillary Clinton. Other cost estimates support Property Claim Services' $2 billion figure. Not only had Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for about seven minutes (including four minutes after Floyd stopped moving) but another video showed an additional two officers had also knelt on Floyd while another officer watched. In 2020, law enforcement agencies made more than 14,000 protest-related arrests, often detaining people who engaged in civil disobedience, as well as acts of violence. "[458] Despite pledges by city council members to the end the Minneapolis Police Department, a proposed amendment to the Minneapolis city charter which was approved by the Minneapolis City Council on June 26 would only rename the police department and change its structure if approved by voters. At least 1,360 counties in the United States - roughly 40 per cent - have had some form of Black Lives Matter protests (demonstrations in Washington D.C.). [441], Around 170 Atlanta police officers walked off of the job in mid-June following unresolved grievances in the Rayshard Brooks case. [289], The majority of protests in the aftermath of Floyd's murder were peaceful;[290][291][292] among the 14,000 arrests made, most were for minor offenses such as alleged curfew violations or blocking a roadway. [331] After the Dallas Police Department asked Twitter users to submit videos of protesters' illegal activity to its iWatch Dallas app, submissions of K-pop videos led to the temporary removal of the app due to "technical difficulties". St. Petersburg, FL In St Louis, Barry Perkins, a father of two, was killed after being dragged and run over by a FedEx truck during a protest in May. "[370] Large amounts of journalistic and academic sources have viewed the protests as forcing Americans to face racial inequality, police brutuality and other racial and economic issues. [44][449][450] It passed the House of Representatives one month after Floyd's killing, 236 to 181, with support from Democrats and three Republicans. [257][258] A project by ProPublica compiled 68 videos during the George Floyd protests of police officers who used what appeared to researchers to be excessive levels of force. [364], Twitter suspended hundreds of accounts associated with spreading a false claim about a communications blackout during protests in Washington, D.C., or a claim that authorities had blocked protesters from communicating on their smartphones. In 2015 the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore police custody resulted in riots in the city and nationwide protests as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. "[75] After some time, a bystander points out that Floyd was bleeding from his nose while another bystander tells the police that Floyd is "not even resisting arrest right now", to which the police tell the bystanders that Floyd was "talking, he's fine". Al-Shabaab raised much of its funds by extorting people in ungoverned areas of Somalia. Once Floyd was handcuffed, officers Kueng and Lane attempted to help Floyd to their squad car, but at 8:14p.m., Floyd stiffened up and fell to the ground. By then, Floyd's murder had resulted in one of the largest civil rights protest movements in recent decades, and the MinneapolisSaint Paul region had experienced a prolonged series of protests and intermittent unrest over issues of police brutality and racial injustice. [232] In response, Representatives Jerry Nadler and Karen Bass of the House Judiciary Committee denounced the move and requested a formal briefing from DEA Acting Administrator Timothy Shea. [56] While the nationwide protests ended, the occupation of George Floyd Square in MinneapolisSaint Paul persisted into 2023,[57] however as of 2022 vehicular traffic was finally allowed to pass through it. [459] In August, the review of another proposal to dismantle the department was delayed by 90 days, meaning it wouldn't be voted on in the November ballot because it passed the statutory deadline of August 21. ", Earthquake in Turkey and Syria is "a systemic attack against Kurdish people.". 878. [346], Numerous eyewitness accounts and news reporters indicated that tear gas was used to disperse protesters in Lafayette Square. A daring hope for riot-torn corridor", "Shrine to George Floyd could be permanent at Minneapolis intersection", "Making George Floyd's Square: Meet the people transforming 38th and Chicago", "Protesters in Minneapolis say they won't clear barricades around the George Floyd Memorial until the city leaders meet their 24 demands", "Protesters Call For Minneapolis Leaders To Meet Demands Before Clearing Barricades Around George Floyd Memorial", "Protesters take to streets following release on bond of former officer charged in George Floyd's killing", "More than 50 protesters arrested during faceoff with law enforcement in Minneapolis after Derek Chauvin release", "Minneapolis, Hennepin County to spend more than $1M on barricades ahead of Derek Chauvin trial", "World watches as Chauvin trial begins in George Floyd killing", "In photos: Minnesota protesters rally for George Floyd on eve of Derek Chauvin's trial", "Shooting kills 1 near George Floyd memorial", "First Witnesses in Derek Chauvin Trial Testify About George Floyd's Death", "Derek Chauvin Trial Live Updates: Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering George Floyd", "For George Floyd, justice. [498] Outdoor events were analyzed to have a substantially lower risk of spreading the virus than indoor ones,[499][500] and transient contact was considered less risky than extended close contact. We focused on the rest, and found that the biggest problem with the post, leaving aside the numbers claimed, is the lack of proof that Black Lives Matter caused the violence that is claimed. Anotherclaim surfaced Feb. 15 on Facebook. The post was flagged as part of Facebooks efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. Officers called for an ambulance." [20] To commemorate the one-year anniversary of his murder in a several-day event titled "One Year, What's Changed", the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Floyd's family, planned marches and rallies in Minneapolis, New York, and Houston for May 23, 2021, and called for two days of virtual activism everywhere in the United States in support of federal police reform legislation. As stated above . misleading claims about the movement's founder, false assertions about the groups politics, Like our page to get updates throughout the day on our latest debunks, Posts mislead about crowd size, peacefulness at Canada Freedom Convoy protest, Fact check: Missing context in claim about Black Lives Matter co-founder's property purchases, Fact check: Black Lives Matter tweeted in support of Palestinians, not Hamas. The brands Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's, and Fair & Lovely made adaptations to eliminate racial stereotypes. Nothing counted more clearly and powerfully than those . Other demonstrators died when cars drove through or rammed into crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters. Top author Jane Green tackles bitter betrayal in this week's agony aunt column, Widowed Washington home owner is 'giving up' after squatting car thieves return to property a day after a SWAT team raid - which found guns, 52 cars and drugs, Law & Order: SVU star Richard Belzer dies aged 78 after series of 'health issues': Famed for playing same acerbic Detective John Munch across 11 shows - his final words were 'F*ck you, motherf**ker', Mark Zuckerberg announces Meta is launching 'Meta Verified' on Instagram and Facebook profiles for a $12-a-month subscription fee - and requires government ID unlike Twitter's blue tick, 10 diabetes-ducking snacks that'll satisfy your sweet tooth but WON'T spike blood sugar, prescribed by top nutritionists, Pro-BLM teacher forced out of South Carolina school for claiming it was 'white supremacy' to call theft a crime in 2020 - is now accused of concealing student gender issues from parents at new Maryland school, Victims of the modern internet: How pioneers of the early web like MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger and Ask Jeeves were killed by Facebook, SMS and other websites.
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